4x4 Camper Vans - By QuadVan
4x4 Camper Vans - By QuadVan

4X4 Camper Vans and 4x4 Motor Homes

by Quadvan

When we say we do everything that relates to 4x4 Vans, we mean it.

You need to be able to travel anywhere you want to go - and that is where QuadVan comes in with our 4X4 Camper Vans. With upgraded wheels, suspension and brakes, you are able to traverse tough sand at the beach, mud in the mountains or cross through water at the river. You deserve to be able to take a break and see the scenery you want - now you can.

4x4 Camper Vans

The best brands of Camper Vans don't always come in four wheel drive, and yet your adventure doesn't slow down in six inches of mud - so what are you going to do? Take your camper van and make it 4x4. Increased ride height on higher quality suspension, reduced stopping distances with better brakes, and more traction when it counts with a high quality 4x4 Camper Van Conversion.

Your Old Camper Van - or a Brand New 4X4 Camper Van

The choices you have today for camper vans are amazing. The rigs today come with more features and creature comforts than some houses did 15 years ago - how is that possible? Technology has a lot to do with it, and engineering genius. We have a few of those genius engineers on our staff, so when your dream rig - new or used - doesn't have the four wheel drivetrain necessary to get you to your ideal destinations - don't be the guy stuck off the beach. Get your feet wet, get the rig wet and dig into some muddy, sandy or snowy terrain with confidence after our 4x4 van conversion on your camper van.

QuadVan Testimonials

"Having a passion for fine German automobiles I have been so impressed with the handling package that Mike designed for my van. One would swear Ford had been purchased by Audi and my E350 was really manufactured in Germany!"

- Chris M.

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